The Studio E/L and Editions Limited art directors
constantly source new imagery, setting trends
with fresh artwork and discovering new talent.
We are creative partners that work together to provide an extremely varied and comprehensive encyclopedia of art.

Studio El Exclusive Collection Studio El Collection Studio E/L Exclusive Art is our collection of premium exclusive artwork that is not licensed or published in other formats. We take considerable pride in our artists and their talents and have sourced this collection far and wide across the globe to bring our customers a fresh and varied portfolio. This exclusive collection will not be found as poster prints or as inexpensive giclées in the mass market. Our high quality prints offer the best in contemporary artwork by emerging and established artists.

Studio El Exclusive Collection Studio El Collection Editions Limited Art collection features artists and imagery from our partner company, Editions Limited Galleries. This artwork is most often published as offset lithograph posters. This collection showcases proven artists and successful imagery - works that have most frequently been noted as best sellers in other published formats.

Studio El Special Collections Studio El Special Collections Our favorite Special Collections tool lets us showcase small (and large) portfolios of imagery in various subjects, styles, formats or even new product lines. For example you might see a special collection of alternative shaped artwork - shaped prints that are circles or trapezoids. Other special collections will include artwork grouped by theme and placement - from senior living and patient rooms to urban boutique, guest rooms and zen spa. These collections will change and grow according to new trends, customers feedback and our own creative urges!

Studio El View All View All This is everything and more...simply put...All

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