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My paintings create a sense of energy and spirit that emanates from the layering of color, texture, the composition and the mark making. I am most interested in using juxtapositions of color and exploring how layers affect layers. Many of my paintings have a tactile three-dimensional presence due to the build up of textured surfaces on the canvas. The paintings are meant to be meditative, either peripherally or with focused attention.

My works continue to expand upon visual abstraction as an evolving language / non-language in which the painter and the audience have a shared experience within the landscape of the art. I consider my paintings to be “ visual poems” in that they express feelings and emotions within a rhythmical composition.

California Landscapes

I take my inspiration from the beauty and abundance that surrounds me living everyday in Marin County. As an Artist, I find it hard not to respond to this incredible natural environment and I seek to express visually the joy that it gives me. These representational paintings are similar to my abstracts in that they are essentially about form and composition and a sense of energy and space. I wish to share that with all of you. California

Scott Cilmi
Scott Cilmi
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