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“Without classical training, my title as artist cannot be contained within narrow walls. Free to approach art without being confined to traditional techniques, I am heavily involved in the process. My passion spreads throughout my work to create interesting and unique compositions. An introduction to fiberglass resin, fifteen years ago, was the root of my affair with epoxy resin. Initially, it added a glossy finish. Now, it is a 3rd dimension to my abstractions. The stacking of resin creates texture, vivid color and depth to an otherwise two-dimensional surface. Resin is a paradox. The process is methodical, however, the effect can be unpredictable. Time is of essence; fluidity and motion evolve into static form. Resin is the perfect medium to ground my abstractions. My art can be created with intent using strong lines and defining shapes or it can be natural and based on experimentation and discovery. Both are an exploration and appreciation for bright colors. Always, the end result is painted and poured.” Virginia

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