Ty Wilson
Global Art XVIII

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Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Acrylic (clear), Glossy Laminate Acrylic, Brushed Aluminum, White Aluminum, and Birch.


Abstract, brown, corporate, Drawing, graphic, Green, Ink, Juvenile, line, mid century, Mid-century, midcentury, modern, Spa

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When Ty Wilson presented his brother’s drawing of a blue bird as his own in kindergarten, his teacher was so impressed that she asked him to draw another one while the class looked on. Armed with a blue Crayola, Ty stared at a blank sheet of white paper for several long, silent minutes before vowing two things: he would never lie again and he would learn how to draw. And draw he did, the publication of two lithographs by Ty Wilson in 1987 vaulted him to super stardom. “Rhythm” and “Embrace” included new gold-and silver-foil stamping and embossing techniques to render his bold, romantic imagery. The posters were instant hits and quickly spawned a spin-off poster series that turned Ty Wilson into one of the best-selling artists in America, as well as a the top selling African-American poster artist of the 1990’s. In 1994 Ty’s posters sold out in a record seven minutes on his first of four successful appearances on the cable shopping channel QVC, prompting the network to revise it’s policy that “artwork wouldn’t sell on television.” Through the years Ty’s work has dressed the sets of television shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Las Vegas, The King Of Queens, Friends, Seinfeld, Melrose Place, Dawson’s Creek and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as well as movies which include About Schmidt, In and Out, Peter’s Friends, Equinox, Mannequin II and Shall We Dance. Ty Wilson was the first ever alumni to be elected to the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, the Maryland College of Art and Design in 1987. That year also saw the establishment of the Ty Wilson Scholarship, given annually to a first-year minority art student. The Maryland College of Art and Design was absorbed into the Montgomery College in 2005 and is now the School of Art + Design at Montgomery College where Ty now teaches in the Continuing Education Department. He is a motivational speaker on the subject of “Art and the Business of Art.” He’s lectured at the Parson’s School of Design, The Fashion Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, The Maryland College of Art and Design, The University of Maryland and The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After twenty plus years of living in New York City and Paris, Ty returned to the Maryland in the summer of 2010 to settle down. He continues to create art and to teach at the School of Art + design at Montgomery College. In addition to expanding his classic collection of romantic imagery Ty has recently begun to explore abstract themes. His two new collections: “Global Art,” and “Female Nudes” are sold exclusively through his new fine art publisher, Editions Limited at: www.studioel.com Ty Wilson’s life and work are featured in the following publications: Our Common Ground by Bruce Caines, The Professional Artist’s Guide to Marketing Your Work by Mary Yeung, Fashion Illustration by Colin Barnes and 100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman. Maryland


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