Stacy Dynan
No Fear

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Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Acrylic (clear), Glossy Laminate Acrylic, Brushed Aluminum, White Aluminum, and Birch.


11197, airplane, Eclectic, Figurative, Healthcare, Humor, Juvenile, kids, senior, Variety, Whimsy, woman

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“Although I unintentionally stepped into my artist role while working in telecommunications in London in the late 1990’s, by 2000 I was working hard to paint what I saw around me, trying to replicate objects as closely as possible to ‘real-life.’ Then the first of my little monsters arrived, and things changed. And I’m not just talking about diapers gone was the freedom to spend hours in my studio fiddling with oil paint not to mention the waft of paint-thinner threatening my baby and husband to evacuate our home or spending the day visiting local galleries and attending lectures. Nope. I was now a busy mom. But I loved messing around with color and canvases, and it wasn’t long before I had shifted to acrylics and painting goofy little pictures for my daughter’s room, a step that set me on my whimsical path. And when local moms began to ask me for paintings for their kids, it was only a hop, skip and a jump to expanding my series and ideas, which to my delight have been accepted and enjoyed by buyers from around the world, adorning walls in homes, hospitals, corporate-lobbies, and restaurants. I couldn’t have been luckier, or more grateful to the many wonderful folks who enjoy my work. Thanks to all of you.”


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