Danielle Hafod
Game Night I

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Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Acrylic (clear), Glossy Laminate Acrylic, Brushed Aluminum, White Aluminum, and Birch.


Abstract, Bath, black, Blue, contemporary, corporate, gold, mid century, Mid-century, midcentury, modern, neutral, office, Oversize, red, shapes, silver, Spa

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For me, art is an adventure playground and like a child I love to experiment, to discover new things, to try out techniques and styles. I do have a special liking for old illustrations, botanical books and antique manuscripts, from flea markets or from the internet, which I use in playful and detailed designs. These works are mostly digital, but based on those vintage elements and materials. On the other hand, I like to mess around with brush and paint for some abstract paintings or spend hours with paper and scissors to cut out elements for collages. I still feel like I was as a child when I was immersed in some kind of craft work. My art expresses my personality, I guess since I am a very versatile and very curious, I like to learn new skills and have really kept a childlike lighthearted and playful way of approaching things. For me, making art is not just a job or a profession, it is really a lifestyle and as important for me as eating or sleeping. Arizona


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